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The benefits of hiring a real estate photographer

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

There’s no denying it– selling a home can be daunting. Capturing just the right pictures to showcase real estate can make a realtor’s job easy – or hard. You could try to take pictures yourself, but will you know the angle that best showcases the property? What lighting to use? Would you know how to best edit any of the pictures you do take? Probably not.

So, what’s the point of your hard work and talent if you’re having trouble moving a property? Should you invest in a professional photographer to photograph that house or condominium you’re selling? Absolutely and here’s why.

Although you can try to take pictures, you won’t have to if you hire a professional photographer. If the photographer is competent in their craft, the home’s beauty will shine through with how the photographer captures the craftsmanship and amenities. In addition, after the photo shoot, some photo retouching should be included. So, what a person loses in convenience, they gain in quality.

Of course, you won’t know the results – positive or negative – if you don’t ensure the property is photographed properly. Here are five benefits of real estate photography:

1. Skilled photography sells homes faster. You can use the photos you commission in media content on and off social media, widening your potential audience and increasing foot traffic.

2. Professionally photographed homes sell for more. This is one simple way to increase your commission. In addition to still photography, consider video tours and aerial photography. A bird’s eye view can mean a big difference in your wallet because this way you can show what amenities surround the home or community.

3. Saves you time. You already have enough to do as a realtor. Between setting up walk-through appointments and fielding calls from potential buyers and your clients, do you really want to be a photographer too? Let the photographer do what they do best. It is an art after all.

4. Professional photography helps elevate your brand. The quality and appearance of the images will impress your clients and make more potential clients want to work with you.

5. Variety. If you employ virtual tours and aerial photography, you maximize how your property is viewed by other sellers. The additional photography options automatically expand who sees the property and your brand, increasing your chances of finding just the right buyer.


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