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5 Tips to Prepare for the Perfect Portrait Photo Shoot

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

There’s no doubt about it – getting a great portrait is hard. And even if you hire a photographer and the portrait does come out good, will it single-handedly land you that job, school acceptance or even that date you’re hoping for? Not usually.

So, what’s the point? Should you invest in a professional photographer to take your headshot? Absolutely, and here’s why.

Although a person can haphazardly try to take their own portrait, a professional photo shoot can include multiple poses, wardrobe changes, and looks and not to mention, an experienced perspective. If the photographer is competent in their craft, the subject’s personality should shine through in the picture. In addition, after the photo shoot, some photo retouching should be included. So, what a person loses in convenience, they gain in quality.

Of course, you won’t get any responses – positive or negative – if you don’t put forth a complimentary, flattering portrait. Here are five tips for the perfect portrait session:

1. Colors are your friends. If you can, wear dark and neutral colors so your face can be the focal point. If you have a darker complexion, consider pastel or lighter colors.

2. Prepare for multiple looks. If you wear glasses, be ready to pose with them on and off. Multiple outfit changes can work in your favor to add diversity to your pictures. There will be more to choose from!

3. Avoid busy backgrounds. Wall paper can be distracting and uncomplimentary. If the photographer is coming to you and they aren’t providing a background, scout out bare walls in your home. Brick and wood (painted or not) can also work.

4. Invest in more than one portrait. A headshot intended for a school application may not work for your LinkedIn profile.

5. Relax and have fun. The camera can pick up stress.


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